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  • Ora King Salmon sourced by Q Plus Food
    Premium Quality

    Whole Fish, Locally Caught

Our Mission

Q Plus Food works closely with culinary enthusiasts to ensure consistent sourcing of quality seafood worldwide. Our team is dedicated to handling the seafood to the best of our ability and to cater to our customers individual needs. We are proud to serve all businesses such as restaurants, hotels, country clubs and private chefs - across South Florida.

The founder has a long family history in the long-line fishing business. Our approach to seafood purveying is strictly based on the highest quality standards and methods of procurement.

We emphasize, “Q Plus Food never sources any ‘undersized’ seafood, and we always consider fishing sustainability and environmental impacts.”

Established in South Florida in 2010, Q Plus Food strives each day to be the very best we can be with “Quality Seafood and Real Service.”
Deliveries from Jupiter to Miami

Fresh, Sustainable
& Local

exceptional service

Our ultimate goal is to be the first choice for customers where quality is never compromised. When the fresh seafood arrives, our pristine products speak for themselves. Our staff work tirelessly to exceed all of our customers expectations and we provide service 7 days a week. Q Plus Food is always available for our customers.

“This is where quality & service come together to satisfy the highest expectations.”

Please also visit, Fish Finery, we cater to online shoppers for all of the US.
Enjoy fresh, high quality seafood delivered to your home.
  • Ahi Tuna Steaks sourced by Q Plus Food
    Ahi Tuna Steaks

    Ruby Red Cuts, Sustainably Fished

  • Fatty Tuna sourced by Q Plus Food
    O-Toro Bluefin

    Prized Qaulity, Sustainably Fished

Established in 2010

Proudly Serving
South Florida

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